Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Maternity Wardrobe


Have I already mentioned in previous posts that I'm waiting to the third baby? Yes, I do!;) I started sixth month so my baby bump (and other problematic parts;)) are getting bigger and bigger, but anyway it's pleasure! Nothing for to worry about! It's like a game to be interesting and inspiring in every situation, it's only upon you to make this long and little bit passive period as productive and pleasant as possible.

Here I'll try to share with you some essentials from my maternity wardrobe:

1. As the jeans is the most important essential of my everyday life, Topshop boyfriend style, maternity jeans and J Brand slim fit also maternity one are real treasure
2. Natural materials are especially important while pregnancy, cause our body is  much more sensitive than normal, so T by Alexander Wang has a lot to suggest you during this period, I love...
3. As I have mentioned it's my third pregnancy but I have never said bye-bye to the heels in necessary situations (of course, in the case if there is not some restrictions by doctor), so gladiator style ankle boots are my favorite for upcoming season
4. And at last: the most comfortable essential in my list is J.Crew silk pajama set for sure! I love to wear it even daytime with elegant heels and some chunky knits.Try it, it's fun...


  1. Congratulations!! I am so happy for you. Please keep us posted. janmrtelobas gisurvet shen da shens ojaxs!

  2. My best wishess to You!!!

  3. You are working on a great project...third child:))It's amazing...I'm pregnant too and already have problems with my wardrobe:)) need shopping...:))