Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Jungle Book

I really love to play with risky prints and walk near the "red line" while dressing. It's like a hot-tempered game for me that produces lots of adrenaline;) Photos you enjoy in this post are result of same experiment, because any kind of animal prints are just a few steps far from being vulgar. The look you see here is shot at Paris Haute Couture day-2, last few weeks ago. I'm wearing zebra print jumpsuit, this stunning item that has already taken very special place in my wardrobe is a gift from Georgian designer Avtandil (he is author of my wedding dress as well), and Givenchy tropical flower bag for more "jungle effect".

Photo Source: Grazia.it, NYmag.com

You can enjoy my fashion week instagram diary below.


  1. shen da likuna ertad, am lookebit, dzalian karg kompozicias qmnit. )

  2. let me just say that I'm head over heels with your style. glad to have found your blog!