Saturday, July 21, 2012

Christobal Balenciaga exhibition in Paris

Balenciaga exhibition, which is honoring the fortieth anniversary of "Couturie of couturies" - Christobal Balenciaga's death, continues at La Cite de la mode et du Design until 7 of October. Visitors have an invaluable chance to have a glance at the haute couture pieces, mainly inspired by traditional Spanish folklore and sketches as well created by Christobal Balenciaga himself from 1937 till 1968. This exhibition also gives us deep insight into designer's fashion collection, which is real treasure of inspiration, it includes: photographs, books on art, embroidered accessorize and whole range of clothes like: satin toreador costumes, velvet boleros, capes, bustle dresses, lace mantillas etc.
Hope you enjoy shots from this beyond fabulous exhibition.


  1. Balenciaga always associates with great bags and clutches for me, so it was really interesting to see all these great haute couture pieces:) thanx for sharing this amazing experience with us:)

    P.S. The hat is killer!!!