Thursday, May 31, 2012

Paisley Crush

Have you already updated your summer wardrobe? Personally I'm in the process and truly enjoy it. If you are the one who adores prints, it's your summer definitely, because one can easily find solution to the question - "what to wear". The answer is prints, prints and prints... Almost every kind of prints, from landscapes of ocean life to vegetables from the garden. The paisley print is also one of my biggest love of the moment. Mix and match same or totally different colors of  pailsey print tops, skirts, pants and blouses with each other and I'm sure you will fall in love with the result for a long time.
By the way have a glance at this super comfy Stella McCartney pailsey featured Shirt and pants from her S/S-2012 collection.
Generate your own ideas, enjoy dressing;)


  1. Hello! I`m so impressed by your persone! I just came to live in Georgia and for me you are like treasure in terms of fashion. Colud you say how have you starded your fashion cariere?

  2. Thanks dear Kristusha for compliments;) you know, in Georgia it's all about you;)as fashion industry itself is not developed so well. personally I started with blogging! try it;)