Monday, February 27, 2012

Pastels & Peplums

Spring is almost at the door. Here, in Milano days are quite sunny, so I have already tried my favorite colors for upcoming season - pastels and waist ruffles - peplums.

With a little bit of fantasy and creativity you can also do peplum blouse by yourself:

1.Find the cropped top in your wardrobe or just shorten the long one up to waist
2.Matche different color of fabric to the cropped top and fix it neatly at the waist line.
You can revive in the same manner already bored dress and skirt as well!
Just try, I’m sure you will enjoy it.
So, one peplum decorated item is truly "must have" for upcoming season.
It can really solve the problem  - the peplum is how you dress to impress without spending a lot of energy and time.
Your wardrobe deserves it for sure!

Photo source:
Ed Kavish
Vogue Spain


  1. dzalina lamazad gamoikurebi.shegidlzia mitxra yelsabami romeli brandia?

  2. natuka kargi ikneba tu brandebsac miacer xolme,koveltvis kvela brands ver vxvdebi.radganac dzalian momcons sheni styli, mainteresebs brandebic.

  3. you are street style!
    your style is so amazing
    I really love this look :)