Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Morning at Entr`ee . . .

After a long day, I finally find the time to update my blog. So, here you can enjoy photos from today's interview for TV broadcasting channel Rustavi 2. Tomorrow morning you can watch program "Good Morning Georgia" and feature me there. I talk about my blog, style and last project with magazine Beaumonde.
It's too late now,
Sweet dreams;)


  1. dges dilit gnaxe rustavi2 ze da ualamzesi iyavi, albat dz magari suratebi gamova:)

  2. jurnali rodis gamova? p.s. sheidzleba gakvs nanaxi rusi blogeris rita galkina blogi, ritagalkina.com, sheni surati udevs ert-ert postshi:)

  3. ara ar vici, mag blogis shesaxeb, exla vnaxav, madloba inpormaciistvis;) jurnali martshi gamova rogorc vici