Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little Georgia Restaurant - Vogue italy

Happy to read about Georgian kitchen on Vogue.it - website. Restaurant "Little Georgia" is in London. - " Hidden among the city’s back streets in a very quiet area is Little Georgia, a small but distinctive restaurant/cafe serving traditional Georgian food in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Quality is guaranteed. All the products are fresh and carefully selected, so the menu changes every day, though there are some fixed specialities, like the khachapuri flat bread with cheese or lobiani, stuffed with red beans. Then there are the spicy vegetable and meat soups, agabsandali and chakhokhbili. If you’re taking a party, it’s worth booking ahead and agreeing a good-value personal menu with the owner beforehand. Drinks are also different here: they don’t serve alcohol – but if you can’t manage with a good glass of wine, no one will stop you going to look for a bottle of fresh white Mtsvani. In short, if you’re a food lover or a real connoisseur, this is not a restaurant to miss."

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