Sunday, June 30, 2013

Me right now . . .

me now

So, as I have already mentioned in my previous posts I'm waiting my third baby, but as it seems he's too lazy and is not hurrying up coming out... But mommy is hurrying up, mommy feels too hot, too big, too sweet addict! Mommy needs chic summer outfits, sun, sea, breeze, bikinis and caftans!
 But to talk seriously I'll truly miss my belly... Every single time I gave the birth to my kids I felt same, I think it's kind of only mommy+baby language without words but with lots of knocks, especially during night dreams;))
So, every moment, every minute he has to come out, I did my 9 months and now I'm really impatiently waiting to gave the birth to new life and start realizing some my personal new ideas!
I'm really happy I was active during this period, as possible. I did several interesting collaborations and contributions, some photo and TV shoots - even in my 8'th month with my super big baby bump.
So, I'll be back soon and keep you posted...
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  1. მშვიდობის მუხლი მოგეყაროს :)მგონი ასე ამბობენ:)