Monday, June 24, 2013



Are you happy like me to hear Elie Saab Pre-fall 2013 collection arrival in store? Let's celebrate this pleasant event together with ELIE SAAB new short film: REFLECTIONS.
Walking through reflections of herself, foreshadowing the halls as she envisions them, the ELIE SAAB woman embarks on a journey within her surrounding walls.  Once filled with extravagant soirées, the halls are now empty; it is just the woman and her reflections which remain. She imagines a neoprene cocktail dress, a geometric-patterned embroidered gown, or a precisely cut pantsuit with its matching box handbag. Tone-on-tone, all in the same bright poppy red hue. In a softer mood, she envisions sophisticated silhouettes with fluid lines: a flowing chalk-white evening gown, an alabaster jumpsuit with a light train. She holds onto her golden and crystal clutch like a jewel. The pulse of her reverie picks up as powdery sunlight descends into darkness, and her commanding side dominates. She drapes her curves in amethyst silk jersey and hints at the silhouette beneath in obsidian black chiffon. The seductive play between her delicateness and her confidence contrasts like day and night, a hidden spirit captured within the lucid reflections of endless mirrors.

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