Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sneak peek - Photoshoot with

Those who have already checked out my column on should know about our photo-shoot with Gianluca Senese, did you?
No matter, here I'm going to share with you some more additional details of that day... In the middle of April street style photographer, the one behind (contributor of visited Tbilisi and suggested me to shoot for his newest project, where he is going to feature people from the world of fashion and art. As he explained I'll be the first hero of upcoming project, that will be focused on the fashion stuff and the living places. At the same time we did shots for e-shop where I'll be featured with the short interview. As soon as it appears online I'll let you know my dear readers to enjoy it.
Have a sunny Sunday;)

Photos source - my Instagram

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  1. Sounds very exciting. Congratulations!