Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sneak peep inside my bag

inside the bag

I think it is not less interesting what is inside the girl's bag than in her wardrobe. So, I have decided to have a sneak peep inside my bag with you and find out what is going there. The first what you always find in my bag are sunglasses, Ray-Ban Clubmasters of course - perfect for every situation, than you will come across with cosmetic box, full with bronzing powder and other beauty stuff like that. I want to emphasize that for the moment my favorite facial powder is Guerlain Four Season - I'm truly in love with it, because of it's fantastic color palette! As a passionate instagramer my iphone is always with me as well, the diary for notes - which I found much more intimate and private than doing notes in my iphone (for the moment my beloved diary is "La Parisienne", designed by timeless style and beauty icon Ines De La Fressange). And at least there is always place in my bag for perfume like Estee Lauder Pleasures that I use almost ten years.

Have a lucky week,

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