Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy end of 2012

This is a real thank you note to Fashionista.com that featured me in their final article of this year, dedicated to street style stars of 2012. The fact itself is truly pleasant but what I most of all loved about this article is that I'm featured there with my super stylish sister - Likuna and they have emphasized the fact that style is really something genetic. I believe that it's true, one can't learn how to dress, not even wearing only luxury brands can guarantee the taste and interesting style.

I suppose it's my last post of this year, we will meet soon in 2013!;)

Have a great Christmas,
and enjoy your holidays.


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  2. Ar viyavi bevri dro tkven blogshi))) Magram, axla shemidzlia davcere rame kartulad)))
    So I guess its enough)) You look gorgeous as always and still you are my georgian stylish idol!