Friday, October 12, 2012

Back to school . . .

Photo courtesy: Tommy Ton for

So, I'm back... I really missed to share you some of my obsessions and new findings. Lets begin: letterman sweatshirts are truly one of my favorites for these season. I have already tried pink one at Paris fashion week S/S-2013 with the mannish shirt inside it and with dark green pants. To avoid too much "college girl look" I matched it with bordeaux color kitten heeled shoes and Tom Ford Cat eye sunglasses for a little bit of flirty mood.I think my new love Jil Sander "Faith"clutch and Casio watch for kind of nostalgic mood accomplishes this outfit.
Click on the links below and browse some of the letterman sweatshirts I love:
  1. Jil Sander Wool Sweater
  2. Kenzo sweater
  3. Marni sweater


  1. Hi Natuka, after coveting your watch I finally got one for myself. Please check it out in my post:

    Hope you're doing well. Summers are busy here too.


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  3. Simply ADORE this look:) glad you're back:))