Friday, August 3, 2012

Bordeaux Season


While looking through the pre - fall and autumn/winter 2012/13 collections it becomes clear that bordeaux is defininitely going to be the main color of upcoming season. From Balenciaga up to Alexander Wang you can easily spot this color in almost every single collection. Truly desired and perfect color for fall's season as it easily reminds us favorite fruit of the season - ripe, delicious grapes from the very first glance.
I'm definitely going to find some special items in bordeaux color, I really feel little bit tired from so many head to toe prints.


  1. Back in my 20s (in 90s) I wore so much of this color that for several years I kind of avoided it. But now I am ready for the comeback. Hopefully I still have some Bordeaux clothing which by now is probably vintage lol :D

    1. Ha, so true!
      I'll have to find some of my old pieces in the back of the wardrobe...

  2. This is a general comment on your blog:

    After a short time of ingenuity within the fashion blogs, it all started melding into a on-it's-nice-but-seen-it-a-thousand-times-before thing.

    It's rare to find someone with a style truly his/her own and your are one of those people.