Sunday, June 10, 2012

Me for Vogue Russia Part - 2

I so missed updating my blog, but here - in Saguramo internet is not working properly, and it needs hours and hours to do anything, so I'm always lazy to think about it.
Today I'm going to show you my new love - crochet. The word itself is derived from french word "crochet" - meaning the hook. Crochet was super popular in Europe during 19'th century, but as it is known for us it evolved from traditional practices in Arabia, South America and China.
And today I absolutely die for this variety of sewing! Have you already seen how lovely are crochet printed sneakers by House of Holland for Superga? I'm sure your eyes are already caught by Dolce&Gabbana colorful crochet bags, that are on summer sale right now at check it;)
My pics above are from my feature in Vogue Russia, which I mentioned in my previous post.
I'll show you the third look as soon as possible.
Enjoy interview here 

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  1. usayvarlesi lookia! dzalian momwons! kisses bella