Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My clutch guide . . .

Stella McCartney
Marc Jacobs
Yves Saint Laurent
Here are my most often snapped clutches, bought and found different times is different places. I'll try to tell you about them shortly: the last one with beads is vintage and I found it in my Mom's trunk! It's great with embellished trousers, I tried this outfit at Paris Haute Couture A/W-2011. Stella McCartney colorful gem adorned clutch is just stunning with various prints and patterns, Marc Jacobs romantic violet, heart decorated one was definitely my favorite for previous season, when we all died for color blocking and the final - Yves Saint Laurent silver one, that is truly my "clutch of the moment" - it really works fantastic with one of the biggest trend of current season - pastel.

Photo source:,, Sam Corsai,


  1. Love your collection, purple Marc Jacobs is my absolute favorite:)

  2. I love your style!!!!
    Great blog, I follow you! ;-))

    check my latest post about your style!

  3. Thanks for commenting!;) I'll check your blogs definitely