Saturday, May 19, 2012

Girl to watch . . .

We often like to talk about what does inspire us. It's really exiting to find new sources of inspirations like traveling, new exhibitions, maybe film or music... but last time I found myself that most of all I love to be inspired by interesting people around me. In this specific occasion I want to introduce you my sister - Likuna, who for me is the most inspiring girl ever. What I love about her is that she is beautiful, open-minded, stylish and interesting at the same time! I'm never bored with discussing different issues with her, because she always has her own firm, well-grounded opinion on various themes.
In these shots I absolutely love how she has mixed studded, biker boots with chiffon-tailed mini dress and culfs on both wrists.
Here she's on her way to Tbilisi fashion week.
I'll post more photos later.


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  2. I am a huge lover of bold studded biker boots and really feminine dresses' combinations. definitely my cup of tea:)