Saturday, November 5, 2011

From my archive . . . Madame Grès exhibition.

In my photo archive I have found lots of unpublished interesting photos which I want to share now. At this moment I am going to post photos from Madame Grès exhibition which I shot in Paris, last July at Musée Bourdelle. Beside just amazing creations of Germaine Krebs (Madame Grès - is her couture name) we were able to see some sketches and original photos of her models shot by Guy Bourdin, Richard Avedon and so on...
Enjoy and be inspired with this eternal creations.
P.S. I have already written about this exhibition, so you can see my previous post - Madame Grès at Musée Bourdelle -

აღმოვაჩინე რომ ბევრი გამოუქვეყნებელი და საინტერესო მასალა დაგროვდა ჩემს ფოტო არქივში. ამჯერად გადავწვიტე გაგიზიაროთ  ფოტოები Madame Gres-ს გამოფენიდან, რომელზეც უფრო ვრცლად ივლისში დავპოსტე პარიზიდან.

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